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SecureTower enable to detect cryptocurrency mining on corporate hardware

23 November 2017

Developers of Falcongaze company confirmed the possibility of using SecureTower 6.0 to identify miners in corporate networks of organizations. This is because cases of use corporate hardware for mining cryptocurrency by employees have recently become more frequent and SecureTower is able to prevent it.

In SecureTower – a software for data leak prevention and staff monitoring - implemented a lot of functions to find the non-working activity of employees for computers. The list of these functions is constantly expanding by the requests of our customers.

The relevance of new opportunity is due to the increasingly frequent news about employees who use corporate hardware for the cryptocurrency mining. Such activities were previously widely used on personal computers and "farms" from several video cards, however, due to the growing demand for cryptocurrency mining at home, it became almost meaningless. Nevertheless, the capacity of corporate hardware is quite suitable for this. As a rule, system administrators and technical staff have access to large fleet of working machines and server equipment, which is generally available in big companies. Therefore, some staff members can use it for personal purposes, for example, for mining cryptocurrency. Because of such illegal activities, organizations have significant losses due to overload of equipment and its premature wear, and inflated energy bills.

In addition, malicious software for mining also poses a threat to organizations. It infects computers of companies for the same purpose - to use the capacity of hardware for production of cryptocurrency.

Now you can identify harmful activity with the current version of SecureTower using configured rules. In this case, SecureTower agent intercepts miner’s activity and, depending on the settings, blocks the process or notifies the security officer about it.