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SecureTower 6.0: new architecture, new opportunities, new scales

16 November 2017

Falcongaze Company announces the release of the new version of SecureTower , designed for confidential data leakage prevention and monitoring of staff activity. New version of DLP-system got transformed architecture that empowered system of scaling. Besides, SecureTower 6.0 has been replenished with new interception channels, functionality for stamps recognition and interception of CAD-software files.

Load scaling and balancing

SecureTower implementation and installation have always been easy and intuitive and new version of the tool reaches the maximum level in it. Developers have significantly improved load scaling and balancing to facilitate the work of users and administrators. For this purpose, in SecureTower 6.0 the architecture has been transformed – an opportunity to set up an allocation unit for scaling out loads on multiple servers and automatic database rotation have been added. Besides, a new version of SecureTower enables organizations with network distributed structure make information processing and storing more convenient and easier because now it is possible to replicate data automatically from affiliates to the central server in head office. There are also many new features which streamline the operation of systems with heavy workload and increase data processing rate. All these changes are primarily intended for companies where huge amounts of information are intercepted and analyzed as well as for companies with complex structures of network infrastructure. Now the work of administrators in such organizations got easier – SecureTower may operate out-of-band in networks of any size and complexity.

Google, Apple and cloud storages

Growing popularity of cloud storages adds many problems to information security officers. Taking them into consideration, management of information in companies is getting far more complex. Falcongaze company developers are aware of it that’s why SecureTower can intercept all data sent to all browser-based versions of cloud storages and it supports data interception in Dropbox, OneDrive and Yandex.disk desktop versions. In SecureTower 6.0 this list has been expanded and now files sent to iCloud, Google Drive and Cloud storages can be monitored.

WhatsApp and Google Hangouts messengers

Messengers have completely got a foothold as a primary means of communication among staff members. Falcongaze developers support data interception in all popular messengers used by employees. In addition to Skype, Viber, Telegram and other messengers, an opportunity to intercept and analyze communication in WhatsApp and Google Hangouts have been added to SecureTower 6.0.

Interception of design data files in CAD-software (DWG and DXF)

Engineering and manufacturing companies attach great importance to DLP-systems because they need support of drawing documentation analysis. The new version of SecureTower meets this requirement. SecureTower 6.0 intercepts and analyzes DWG and DXF files in CAD-software in order to detect the cases of confidential data leakage. Many organizations store their most sensitive and valuable data exactly in DWG and DXF formats.

Stamps recognition

SecureTower applies a wide variety of methods to identify cases of data leakage such as document linguistic analysis, attributive analysis, control by digital fingerprints and many others. With the new release, SecureTower now can recognize stamps on intercepted images. Administrator just needs to upload into the system samples of stamps and configure the rules that will govern the transmission of images with such stamps.

“Falcongaze developers have always sought to make not only a high-quality product but also meet the essential client requirements. It is for this reason SecureTower developers were ready to rework the software almost from scratch – an opportunity to provide truly modern solution worth the effort. There is no doubt that SecureTower 6.0 is an advanced data security system which complies with the requirements of modern business”, said Andrew Barmuta, head of software development in Falcongaze.