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SecureTower – optimized data storage and reporting systems

13 October 2011

The new version of SecureTower, a software system designed to protect from confidential data leaks, introduces an optimized data storage system and newly added features in incident investigation functionality.

To optimize the storage system of data intercepted by SecureTower, new features have been added for multimedia conversion into more compact formats. On the one hand, this helps significantly reduce the size of the database, and on the other hand, it speeds up the process of building reports for incident investigation.

User desktop screenshots can now be taken not only in PNG, but also in JPG format. It is also possible to adjust the quality settings of images stored in the database and make them proportionally smaller. All this allows reducing the storage space occupied by screenshots by more than 50%. Voice conversations over Skype are now converted into mp3 format, which provides an approximately 30-fold reduction in the volume occupied by such files in storage.

For the convenience of studying the incident data obtained by SecureTower, the tags of mp3 files of Skype conversations include additional information about the parties and the duration of conversation, and an indication that the file was created by Falcongaze SecureTower. In addition, for the convenience of investigation, all correspondence printed or exported into documents contains statistical data about the participants of the incident and other background information.

Besides, the interception system now features advanced settings for http post filtering by header fields. The user can define settings for such filters, adding and modifying them according to the specifics of the company. This allows excluding an enormous amount of service http-requests that do not contain user-generated content from interception and thus not only reducing the load on the server, but also clearing the search results of irrelevant data.

All of these innovations are aimed at optimizing the system of data storage and processing, getting rid of excess technical data, which creates additional workload on the SecureTower system and, consequently, improving the reliability of data control and increasing performance.