New version of Falcongaze SecureTower v6.6!


Our company always strives for the best results. Broad goal is to make your business secure and reliable, so our developers have released the SecureTower v6.6 update! Click here to check about the new features:

For the information regarding upgrading your system to v6.6, you can contact your Falcongaze manager.

Brief list of innovations:

This version adds control of the Linux systems (Ubuntu 20.04, Debian 11, Fedora 33, Rosa R12 and Astra 1.7 and later). It will be possible to control the work and the information of the whole IT specialists’ segment: system administrators, programmers, developers and engineers. This will allow the company understand what its experts are doing during the day and protect themselves from leaks of technical and other important data much better.

The protocol of network interaction between controlled computers and SecureTower server has been updated. The new protocol provides end-to-end encryption and compression of traffic. This will accelerate sending data from controlled computers to the server and provide them with a high level of protection. Also, the agent network connection module was allocated from Endpoint Agent Control Server and replaced with a separate "Agents’ Proxy Server" tool. Now the agents send data to the proxy server, and it sends data to the central system. To balance the load on the network, the company can install several proxy servers so that the agent sends data to several proxy servers in turn.

Built-in bases of websites and applications were updated. Now you can receive detailed reports, as well as limit the visit to entertainment and news resources from corporate computers and prohibit employees to launch programs and applications that should not be used in work activities.

Also, on categorizer tool basis, the general conditions of the combined search were expanded by searches by categories. This function was added to security policy.

A new type of report has been added, the “User Activity Report” which combines information from reports on the browser activity and activity of the user's applications and takes into account the specified categories of applications and web resources.

Also, with the help of a neural network, the Falcongaze SecureTower DLP system classifies images smoothly. Now images with textual information are transmitted for analysis, which significantly reduces the load on the server. In addition, the "Tesseract" module appeared - it allows to recognize intercepted images with confidential data, bank cards, documents, seals and so on.

Now the function of commenting on security events is available, there is also the possibility of prescribing color markers and statuses for events of varying degrees of importance. This allows you to easily determine the types and importance of incidents in the analysis of violations of security policies.

The processing of intercepted data is accelerated, now reports are built several times faster.

For the full control of all information transfer channels, instant messengers and social networks are updated as well. Updates include monitoring of Telegram, correspondence and transfer of files to Zoom, Zimbra,, voice control in the WhatsApp messenger has been added. Also, processing of messages from the planner MS Outlook tasks has been optimized.

The possibility of indicating the time zone which is different from the time zone of the system (computer) was also added. This option may be useful for companies with branches in different time zones for more comfortable work with data.


Falcongaze team


The SecureTower DLP system

  • Protection against data leaks caused by employees
  • Control of employees' work on computers
  • Identification of potentially dangerous employees (risk analysis)