Falcongaze SecureTower 6.5 - better control, stronger protection

Falcongaze, a developer of data breach protection and personnel control software, has released the first of two planned updates to its SecureTower system this year.

"In preparing version 6.5 we focused on the most relevant trends in information security in the current environment, studied the needs of customers and analyzed the experience of SecureTower implementation and operation" - says Alexander Akimov, CEO of Falcongaze, about the update.

For example, the new version of SecureTower adds the file operations audit module. It will allow to keep track of actions, which employees do with files and folders (creation, reading, writing, opening, deleting, renaming, and changing permissions).

The ability to block sending files to printers and USB drives using content analysis has been improved by blocking data leaks at the endpoint level.

Websites and applications categorization module has also improved staff performance monitoring. It can be used to categorise individual websites or applications and track employee usage. You can also block access to certain categories, if needed. And the ability to create custom categories allows you to fine-tune the categorizer's operation to suit the needs and style of your organization or department.

For DLP systems it's very important to keep track of as many data channels as possible. To this end, Falcongaze SecureTower has expanded and improved the interception functionality for Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, MS Teams; and added control of Zoom, LinkedIn, Instagram, Outlook Web Access, Cisco Jabber and Bitrix24.

For speed and efficiency of incident response, it is important not only to cover as many data channels as possible, but also to get information in an easy-to-read and analyse format. Therefore SecureTower added new types of reports and modes of user activity display. Powerful report designer allows you to create unique types of customized reports which contain only the necessary information for each situation.

The amount of data handled by SecureTower is constantly growing. The speed and memory consumption is optimized, so the system may still process the captured data fast.

SecureTower has always been known for its user-friendly interface, and the large number of new functions have not made it complicated. The ease and intuitiveness of navigating the system allows even those employees who have no previous experience with similar programs to easily perform their duties.

As a result, Falcongaze SecureTower version 6.5 has become even better at preventing data leaks and controlling the efficiency of employees' work. Optimized speed and memory consumption allow the system to process large data sets more efficiently, while new ways of displaying user activity and types of reports make it easier to analyze the data obtained by the system.

The SecureTower DLP system

  • Protection against data leaks caused by employees
  • Control of employees' work on computers
  • Identification of potentially dangerous employees (risk analysis)