Efficiency of an employee’s work

Often, the reason employees work ineffectively is not that they don’t want to work, but something distracts them at work. There are a lot of factors. In this article, we are talking about those that DLP system can help with.

Distracting factor: garrulous colleagues and smartphones. In 2018, Udemy published a report informing that 80% of employees are distracted from work by garrulous colleagues. 69% of respondents confessed that they are distracted from work by smartphones.

How does the SecureTower DLP system can help? When an employee talks with colleagues or checks a phone, their computer doesn’t process anything, and the system considers it to be downtime. The downtime can be set within SecureTower. For instance, it will notify a responsible employee or a chief, if a computer doesn’t work more than 20 minutes.

Distracting factor: communications via social media. According to the Udemy report, 58% of respondents admitted that they don’t need social media to work, but they cannot help checking them during the day.

How does the SecureTower DLP system can help? If an employee uses a working computer to solve personal issues, SecureTower will track this. The system tracks all actions. This allows to learn:

  • What resources do employees use (social media, web-sites etc.);
  • Who they communicate with (colleagues or third parties);
  • What topic they speak on (working issues or personal problems);
  • How much time do they spend doing this;
  • What files do they send and receive.

If they check social media or e-mail using personal device, then this time will be considered as downtime we described above.

Distracting factor: negative relationships among colleagues. Personnel influence each other’s working results. It is difficult to work effectively when facing negative attitude from colleagues every day.

How does the SecureTower DLP system can help? This reason can be easily figured out with the help of SecureTower. The system can show the interactions among colleagues: who they interact with and in what way.

Due to the system tracking all employees’ actions, it is possible to analyze the character of interactions and reveal who brings the personnel the element of destructiveness. It is possible with the correspondence analysis and connecting to an employee’s workstation. The system allows to learn the content of video conferences or audio calls in real time or later using saved records.

Distracting factor: surfing web-resources not related to work. It is difficult to concentrate on working process all the time. There is no problem if an employee goes out for 5 minutes to drink coffee. But sometimes to relax an employee uses web-sites and spends a lot of time there reading news and solving personal problems. For example, they decide to look for a piece of furniture for 5 minutes. 5 minutes appears to be an hour of a working process downtime.

How does the SecureTower DLP system can help? SecureTower tracks all employees’ actions on workstations. In addition to social media and messengers, you can see what web-sites an employee uses.

SecureTower has a categorization module to categorize web-sites and track an employee’s usage of them. A category can be block for visits.

Distracting factor: burnout. Too responsible employees often come to work in every state which influences their working results. They make mistakes when in unstable condition. It is difficult for them to concentrate on tasks. Often, they don’t inform about their state being responsible to a company.

How does the SecureTower DLP system can help? The system has an in-built module UBA (User Behavior Analytics) that reveals user behavioral patterns. If a user’s behavior changes, then the system notifies a responsible employee or a chief. Received data can be used for a talk with an employee and figuring out the details. Likely, they have a bad day: they don’t sleep well, got in a traffic jam or got their car damaged, or maybe the problem is deeper and an employee needs to go on a vacation.

SecureTower provides with a lot of data to analyze, but they can be interpreted by a human.

The results of an investigation can be used to understand an employee’s efficiency and take measures to solve a problem.

The SecureTower DLP system

  • Data leak protection
  • Staff efficiency and loyalty monitoring
  • Identification of potentially dangerous employees (risk analysis)
  • Busines communications archive maintaining