Falcongaze SecureTower 6.3: new features and opportunities

Falcongaze has released a new version of DLP-system SecureTower. It is designed to prevent information leaks, as well as for personnel control and fraud detection. “This May our customers will have opportunity to get acquainted with the new Risk Analysis module. Moreover, they will be able to evaluate productivity improvements of data processing and assess the control of new communication channels” – said the company's spokesperson.

Once again, the Falcongaze’s specialists performed extensive preparatory work to identify relevant needs of clients and partners. Furthermore, they analyzed current tendencies of information security solutions market. As the result, the new Risk Analysis module with UBA functionality has been developed. It analyzes each employee’s activity and informs security officer about  potential risk level in real time. Besides, the module forms TOP-list of employees, potentially possessing the greatest threat.

In addition, the program component automatically generates illustrative reports, which allows visualizing users’ behavior changes.  If negative behavioral tendencies are spotted, the security officers can make a preventive investigation and minimize risks.

“For Falcongaze Company it is highly important to create and improve all needed functional solutions for information security specialists. We want to ease their daily routine. Risk analysis module gives security officer new instruments for personnel behavior analysis, according to risk level specified for each security rule. Such an approach will grant more time for deep analysis rather than mechanical routine actions” – claimed Falcongaze CEO Aleksander Akimov.

In addition to the new module, there are many important updates in the system. For example, an opportunity to search on Active Directory groups, control of communications via Slack messenger, additional Agent protection from users with administrator privileges, full control in Windows Safe Mode etc.

Next essential aspect – is a higher level of Agent protection, which does not allow removing the Agent without the access key. Moreover, specialists optimized image recognition process. With the help of machine learning technologies and information classification, the system can send recognition tasks only for significant documents and ignoring ordinary pictures that do not contain text. It reduces the load and speeds up the detection of important information.

Convenience and ease of use have always been distinctive features of SecureTower. That is why the interface of the Administrator console and the User console have been improved in the new version. New interface is intuitive and allows working in the most effective way in the daily monitoring mode. What is more important, you can carry out a full investigation cycle within the program.

Of course, the list of SecureTower 6.3 innovations is much longer. A free trial full-featured version of Falcongaze SecureTower 6.3 is already available on Falcongaze.com. 

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