Large Russian scientific research institution protected its data with Falcongaze SecureTower

InfoKub Company which is a premium business partner of Falcongaze Company completed a project to implement the SecureTower system designed for data protection and employee monitoring into the corporate network of Ural Scientific Research and Design Institute of Halurgy.

Organizations like JSC Galurgiya do active research, work with variety of projects covering diverse fields, so documentation in these institutions contains information about scientific discoveries, innovative technologies, unique developments and is of high value. In particular, Ural Scientific Research and Design Institute of Halurgy is engaged in reconstruction and design of potassium companies, various buildings, chemical plants, conducts various kinds of expertise and research, as well as develops scientific and technical documentation.

"Since only All-Russian Scientific Research and Development Institute of Halurgy in St. Petersburg and our institution are engaged in theoretical and practical developments in this area in Russia, confidential information we work with is of particular value. In this regard our security department was tasked to acquire a tool for data protection which would easily fit in the company infrastructure and prove itself as an effective instrument in the fight against information leaks from the institute. Relying on the experience of InfoKub Company we tested a number of DLP products and finally opted for the SecureTower system by Falcongaze Company. Apart from the fact that the functionality of the system fully meets the needs of the organization in terms of security the tools for employee monitoring in SecureTower have pleasantly surprised and provided substantial support for our personnel department," said Oleg Vershinin, an information security specialist in JSC Galurgiya.

"When choosing a system to protect data for such a large scientific research and design institute as JSC Galurgiya one of the main conditions was compliance with the requirements for information security in the organization. An important condition for the customer was the ability to control graphic documents that are actively exchanged between various departments. The final choice was made in favor of SecureTower due to the fact that it showed high efficiency in the network of Ural Scientific Research and Design Institute of Halurgy, as well as stood out with convenient and user friendly interface compared to other tested DLP products," said Artem Tveritinov, CEO of InfoKub Company.

About InfoKub Company

InfoKub Ltd. is a dynamic company providing professional services in the field of information security of automated control systems, as well as standard services in the sphere of information technologies.

About Galurgiya Company

JSC Galurgiya represents Ural Scientific Research and Design Institute of Halurgy which is engaged in complex designing of various types of buildings and structures, manufactures, engineering surveying, examination of project documentation, research and development of scientific and technical documentation in a number of areas.

The SecureTower DLP system

  • Protection against data leaks caused by employees
  • Control of employees' work on computers
  • Identification of potentially dangerous employees (risk analysis)