How to learn more about an employee using DLP-system?

Employees are the main asset of a company. Their working results influence everything: company’s income, reputation, privacy of stored data. That is why an employer has to understand what kind of person an employee is and what to expect from them. Knowing this allows you to notice an employee’s unusual behavior in time. Consequently, this information allows to prevent their burnout, enhance efficiency or expose their fraud. How to do that, we are going to explore in this article.

There are different ways to learn what a person really is: tests, monitoring, private interview, colleagues’ feedbacks. However, each has some disadvantages:

  • Private interview. A lot of factors impact on a judgement. The main is self-esteem. A person with too much self-esteem will exaggerate or embellish their achievements. A person with low self-esteem will, vice versa, tell about their abilities far less than they really are. Adequate self-esteem is a rare thing. People have a tendency to run to extremes, that is why there is no use in trusting their words.
  • Conversation with employee’s colleagues. You must take into consideration a high level of people’s subjectivity. Current mood, attitude to a colleague, ability to judge of character – all these factors will influence an assessment. Staff do not deal with a colleague the whole day. Probably, they are aware of, for instance, a colleague being absent or constantly talking on a phone, but they do not know the reason. Conclusions based on this are one-sided.
  • An inquiry to a former employer. That is a good idea, but still there are some disadvantages. Firstly, there is a possibility of wasting time without any answer. Secondly, there is human factor. Not everyone is ready to set claims aside and estimate an employee’s true worth. Probably, a former employer will share valuable information, but it is not reasonable to trust someone’s assessment 100%.
  • Monitoring. This method will take more time than any other. Moreover, watching one employee, you may forget about others and miss a moment when an emergency happens. By the way, this method can give one-sided results. And it is quite easy to interpret them wrong.

All in all, feedbacks may have a reasonable element. However, they are quite subjective and one-sided. Besides, questioning an employee and their colleagues may spark unnecessary rumors. That can damage working climate in a company.

It is important to organize monitoring of an employee’s working process, its analysis, and controlling. You need a level of analytics that can provide special software. For instance, something like DLP-system, which can help:

  1. To understand how well an employee uses their time: which web-sites they visit, how often, their search inquiries, and quickness in looking for an information. What concerns offline actions, the system makes screenshots, tracks time spent in this or that app, tracks off-time – when an employee has not used their computer for more than 5 minutes. To conclude, DLP-system SecureTower allows to track how much time an employee spends working and efficiency of their actions.
  2. To assess an efficiency of an employee using company’s resources: which programs they use, which – do not, why they use a printer, is there a need for it. There is no use in wasting money on buying infrastructure or software for an employee if they do not use it or use for their own purposes. You can save a lot of resources.
  3. To analyze employee’s efficiency in communication with customers and colleagues. DLP-system processes audio, videocalls, conferences, and audio messages. It can record, identify, and transfer a conversation into a text. Using this information, you can make conclusions about employee’s manner of communication with clients and colleagues, their effectiveness in solving issues, ability to deal with irregular situations, and their productivity in communication in general.
  4. To assess employee’s loyalty. DLP-system analyzes data of different types: audio, video, messages, documents. Who they communicate with, what are the topics – these are important questions. Answering them will make a picture of employee’s attitude to a company. In case they try to send sensitive information, the system will react and notify a security officer. Analysis of that data will allow to understand whether an employee is loyal to a company or not, what are they doing during working time, and other points.

DLP-system SecureTower is a tool that helps to analyze information about people. There is no doubt that to create a psychological portrait of a person is possible only using all methods that you have at your disposal: monitoring, private talk, talk with colleagues, inquiry to a former employer. And matching received data to DLP-system data, you can have complete and objective picture of employee’s loyalty, effectiveness, and state of relationships among staff.

Consequently, basing on obtained data, it is possible to decide employee’s fate in a company. Additionally, knowing personal peculiarities of staff gives a possibility to form more productive teams.

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