DLP system


We have been engaged in information security for 14 years.
Our DLP system helps companies protect against leaks of confidential information, as well as monitor of employees' work on computers.
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What functions does SecureTower perform?

Leaks of confidential information
Fraud schemes within the company
Insider activity
Ineffective employees
Actions on employees’ computers
Efficiency and loyalty of staff
Employee communications
Data channels
Malicious actions of employees
Access to web resources (including by category)
Launching applications (including by category)
Saving data to the clipboard
Connecting USB devices
Content of uploaded files (text, images, audio)
Employee efficiency
Risk activity of employees
Statistical indicators of employee performance
Information security incidents
Causes of safety violations
The reasons for the ineffective work of employees
Fraud schemes within the company

Why SecureTower?

A 2-in-1 system (staff control + data leak protection)
Help with introduction, configuration and technical support of the system
Free test of SecureTower on our equipment
Hardware (server) requirements are lower than competitors’
Remote employees’ control
Training and assistance in finding data leaks

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