High tech

Being in the forefront of the technological progress, high-tech companies do not often give due attention to the information security. Meanwhile, taking into account the high level of competition in this sphere, even a small leakage can cause reputational and financial losses or even lead to the company closure.

The companies, dealing with development in the high-tech sphere, have been ahead of the “classical” industry companies long ago. But, at the same time, they also face high risks. Only the properly created system of the information security can help these companies to survive on such rapidly developing market.

The companies, dealing with collection and processing of personal data – and most high-tech companies fulfil these tasks – are obliged to undergo certification, which makes them to prove to the regulating bodies, that they use a full complex of measures and solutions for the security provision, such as SecureTower.

Besides, the high-tech companies often handle with large amounts of data on users, including both financial information and personal data. Leakage of such information has a rather negative impact on the users’ loyalty and can lead to numerous lawsuits and court proceedings.

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