Economic security

Provision of economic security is also a critical aspect of the DLP system performance. This factor is often not taken into account due to its tangential relation to the company’s information security, but SecureTower can render a significant help in the budget optimization and detection of unsustainable resource use.

SecureTower allows detection of the degree of use of various corporate resources by the employees. It includes the number of documents, sent for printing, and the Internet traffic consumption, and labour and non-labour activities throughout the working day.

On the basis of data, provided by the system, you can make a conclusion about the level of demand for various resources and subsequently adjust the expenses – for example, purchase the expensive licensed software only for those employees that actually use it for their work, as well as regulate the used of different office equipment.

SecureTower also provides the opportunity of the human resource optimization. The data, collected by the system, can be used for analysis of the staff performance and further reorganizing for work improvement.

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