Transport and logistics

Protection from the information leakage in the transport and logistic companies plays a prominent role, first of all, due to significant economic risks, peculiar to this industry. Besides, according to legislation of many countries, the transport companies, dealing with passenger carrying operations, must provide a comprehensive security and guarantee it to their clients.

Use of SecureTower in the logistic and transport companies is in many respects attributed to the high value of the data, utilized by such organizations. Client databases, prices, information on employees – all this and many other things must be kept inside the company and its corporate network.

Moreover, such companies manage large volumes of information on routes and transported cargoes. These data can be interesting for both competitors and criminal groups. These risks stipulate the need for the information security organizing. The SecureTower system can provide such security, besides, the company data will always remain easily accessible by the employees, who use them in their activities.

The DLP system provides tracking of all transfers of the confidential information inside the company and prevention of its leakage. To avoid deal collapses, delivery failures and pernicious activities of competitors and malefactors, Falcongaze offers a wide range of options for detection of such incidents to the transport companies.

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