Privacy agreement

The following agreement is created by Falcongaze to convey the company’s attitude to personal data security and the company’s obligation to our clients’ personal data protection.

The visitors are allowed to browse most of this website’s pages without giving any personal information. The visitor’s personal information may be requested only for providing services or information in the future.

This website contains several input forms (for getting feedback or sending requests to the support service) that can request some personal information (first name, second name, email address, phone number, the country of residence, etc.).

The personal information that the visitor of this website reports should not be disclosed and is not the object of the disclosure to any third party and is only used for contacting the visitor.

The visitor has the right and possibility to refuse to get any messages from this website at any moment. To cancel getting messages contact us via the form.

Our website uses a special text file, namely “cookies”, that is to be installed into the file catalog of the browser that a visitor uses to browse this website. This file doesn’t contain any personal data and is only used for gathering common information about site usage and further improvement of its navigation. The “cookie” file is stored on the visitor’s hard drive. It cannot read any information from the hard drive it is stored on as well as it cannot read information from other “cookie” files. You can disable creating “cookie” files in the settings of your browser.

Falcongaze takes all possible measures to provide security for the personal data of the visitors of our website and to prevent unauthorized access to it. If you have any questions relating to this agreement message us via this email: