Research centres

At present, research centres and design engineering bureaus are a frontier of technological achievements. It is obvious that such organizations do not want the scientific and technology achievements to be freely available to the public. While state organizations can delegate the task of their security provision (and scarcely ever) to intelligence agencies, the private companies of such kind need a reliable solution to provide security of their developments.

The issue of the information protection with regard to secret developments and scientific research is more acute for the sphere of innovations. One of the ways of the commercial secret and know-how protection is the existing patent system and legislation on intellectual property protection. However, in actual practice, apart from “paper” protection, technical means of the document flow control are always required.

SecureTower provides all tools for creation of the comprehensive security system, able to prevent undesired disclosure of the confidential information outside the organization. Besides, the system prepares a full archive of the staff communications, which ensures quick and efficient investigation of security incidents.

With regard to protection of the confidential information of state concern, corresponding activities of the information security must be carried out on a continuous basis, not only in case of leakage. The SecureTower software package provides timely detection of undesirable or suspicious contacts of scientists, therefore, preventing the data transfer outside the company and country.

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