Business processes optimization

The business process optimization is a main factor of a company’s development, especially, taking into account the current crisis phenomena in the economy. Therefore, apart from the instruments, intended for the data leakage detection, SecureTower has the functionality of the work flow optimization.

Business processes optimization

The SecureTower system ensures an automatic control of the employees’ working hours; the system registers the workstation switching on and off, and also collects statistics of the staff activities throughout the working day.

SecureTower enables setting of notifications for the managers, when the employees come too late or are absent from the working place for long periods. The data obtained from SecureTower can be used as basis for determination of reasons of the labor order violation.

Moreover, thanks to SecureTower, managers of the company departments have the instruments for control of the staff performance quality, can detect leaders and underperformer among the employees, can carry out reorganizing and improve business processes in the department.

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