Social structures

A distinguishing feature of social structures, particularly, insurance and pension funds, is the need to handle significant information volumes from databases. The databases mainly contain collected information about insurants or depositors, it is the very reason for special approach to the information protection from leakage.

In terms of information security, the social structures are the most vulnerable organizations. A large quantity of the sensitive information attracts attention of intruders or insiders. Unauthorized distribution of such information can cause serious consequences, especially, taking into account the fact the such leakage affects a great number of people. Therefore, high-quality solutions, such as SecureTower, are required for protection in the above-mentioned structures.

The fact, justifying the use of the SecureTower software package for the data leakage protection, is that there is a possibility to manage large volumes of the processed information. For example, during indexing of constantly updated databases, only new information is indexed. This indexing system ensures significant saving of time and operational resources. Besides, practically all traffic analysis operations are carried out automatically, therefore, errors, associated with the human factor are minimized.

In the in highly competitive environment, the high-quality client data protection is the factor, allowing to avoid failure, turn out in an advantageous position in case of flops and not to waste time and energy for the information security incidents during the development process.

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