Data Leak Prevention Software for GDPR Compliance

The European Commission's data protection regulation (GDPR) that sets strict requirements for companies to protect data of EU citizens comes into force. That applies to any organization that collect or process personal data of EU residents, regardless whether these companies are located in the European Union or not.

New regulation adds another layer of complexity to company’s information processes.

The company' management has to solve the list of technological and financial tasks: lack of awareness among internal stakeholders; need to increase compliance and data management costs while pulling attention and investment away from other important initiatives; lack of qualified specialists.

Today the key threats to comply are:

Lack of knowledge about where personal data is stored

Inability to identify "sensitive" data, old data and useless data

Lack of opportunity to respond timely for data requests

SecureTower will help companies to solve these puzzles. By means of our tool you will always be aware where data is and who has access to it.

SecureTower brings an opportunity to deal with main tasks facing companies:

Audit where data is located and who interact with sensitive information

Restrain and control data transmission

Identify personal data by checking regular expressions and content & context methods of analysis

GDPR obliges company to assign a position of Data Protection Officer, who is to ensure the safety and privacy of user data. The SecureTower program functionality has the ability to rank access rights based on a user's position within a company hierarchy and shares access to certain modules of the system to security CSO, DPO and other specialists depending on their duties.

SecureTower is able to delete data from the archive of intercepted information. This ensures "right to be forgotten" enforced by the GDPR provisions.

SecureTower ensures the protection of the data transmitted between DLP agent and Data Server as well as other security measures that prevent unauthorized access to personal data.

There are experts who believe that regulators will not audit for GDPR compliance, so companies are vulnerable to fines only if there is a breach or EU citizens file complaints. Even if a company experiences a breach or complaint, regulators will likely treat it leniently if the company can document good-faith efforts to comply, which includes integration of information security solutions like DLP.

SecureTower monitors maximum number of communication channels and data transfer protocols getting a full control of the corporate information thereby.

Why SecureTower

The program tools control e-mail, messengers, social networks, cloud storages, USB, etc. SecureTower gives ability to not only investigate incidents without any delay, but also immediately prevent them to occur. Having blocked the sensitive data transfer or launch of undesirable processes, SecureTower will not allow personal data and other critical business information to leak.

SecureTower builds an inextricable system of operations with all data. The information about all security violations is also available at any time. That allows you to restore the chronology of events led to data leakage or other violations. With retrospective incident investigation you can find and fix the weak link in the chain of information handlers.

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