Control of confidential information

SecureTower provides a full control of the documentation flow and timely prevention of the confidential information leakage. The system monitors all information channels, from e-mails to messengers and USB devices.

Control of confidential informationThe information control and leakage prevention are the main tasks of the DLP system. SecureTower tackles them by means of the most efficient instrumentation: capture of all messages sent and received, detection of confidential document sending, control of printers and all connected devices, control of mailbox servers, a flexible system of security rule creation and many other things.

Along with other instruments of security provision, SecureTower uses the technology of detection of the confidential information transfer on the basis of digital fingerprints. For this purpose, the documents which must be controlled are analyzed, and after that matches with these documents (even fragmental ones) are found in the information flow.

Besides, SecureTower helps to detect the confidential information on the personnel workstations. A quick search allows get an insight about the places of storage and actual levels of access to the valuable corporate data.

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