Control of mobile workstations

Work machines outside the corporate network pose the higher risk than the stationary devices, therefore, implementation of information protection for these devices is a separate task of the security departments.

Lots of modern companies use not only desktop computers, but also laptops and netbooks. Laptops are usually provided for the specialists whose job duties include frequent business trips.

To control the mobile workstations, SecureTower employs the remote-control method. The agent takes off the same data that in the desktop computers in an autonomous mode, and, after the device is connected to the corporate network, it sends the collected archive to the server.

Besides, the SecureTower system is a perfect choice for the companies with the territorially-distributed network. If such infrastructure is used, the SecureTower operation is practically the same as in the standard mode, except that communication with the remote computers is established not through the local network, but through the Internet.

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