Information security in telecommunication companies is an essential and very difficult problem. Operators and providers have constantly updating and vast databases of client data, containing, amongst other things, a lot of very sensitive information both of personal and financial character.

A great number of specialists in the telecommunication companies, dealing with the client information, means a significant increase of possibility of leakage of such information. To provide security of these data, SecureTower was designed as a full scope of tools for control of personnel and document flow in corporate networks.

The SecureTower program complex provides control of data leakage, caused both by deliberate and just negligent activities of the employees. Besides, the system is adapted to work with significant information volumes, having no effect on the PC capacity, which makes the system performance practically unnoticeable for users.

Another factor, complicating the process of the information security provision in the telecommunication companies, is a great deal of representations of such companies in different cities and towns, often located very far away. In this case, the DLP system, able to ensure high-quality performance in the geographically-distributed networks, such as SecureTower, is required.

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