Digitalization of the education sphere is now is now going on at a great rate. At present, it is difficult to imagine even state educational institutions which are not fully equipped with computer devices, saying nothing of private institutions. High educational level and favourable environment for students is impossible without the operating information security system.

Information security of educational institutions High-level computer skills of the students, often surpassing that of the teachers, requires protection of computer networks at the educational institutions not only from external threats, but primarily from the internal activities. It is also related to limitation of the students’ access to unacceptable websites and prevention of the teaching information discrediting, and other inadmissible activities.

SecureTower provides tracking of all computer activities of the students, both real-time and retrospective. Besides, collection of information and subsequent analysis of the students' actions enables to make the studying processing more efficient.

Amongst other things, Falcongaze has been cooperating with a range of educational institutions regarding the efficiency of teaching of the information security specialists for a long time and rather successfully. Use of SecureTower helps future experts to gain necessary practical skills, helpful for further employment.

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