Trade companies

Trade companies, both wholesale and retail, are permanently challenged with a vast majority of threats to information security. In the in highly competitive environment, SecureTower helps to avoid risks, associated with both corporate espionage and insider activities.

информационная безопасность в торговлеOne of distinguishing features of the trade sphere is a great number of competitors, offering products on practically the same conditions. Therefore, the information leakage from the databases automatically causes serious damage up to the loss of business. Both negligent handling with the confidential information, and non-loyal employees, who can sell the client contacts to competitors, pose a threat to the trade companies.

SecureTower provides tracking of integrity and protection of all confidential information, from supplier databases to marketing plans, with the same quality level. The system controls and archives practically all information flows, which enables the quickest detection of frauds, and, if necessary, use of these data as evidence.

SecureTower is also helpful in the high-competitive trade environment by means of reduction of time and resource costs. The personnel control instruments, included into the system, ensure the staff optimization, as well as constant monitoring of the personnel work quality.

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