Transferring employees to remote work?

Many companies are moving their employees to remote work, which brings with it a list of unresolved issues:
- How to supervise employees' work remotely so that off-site work doesn't become a " holiday"?
- How to ensure the security of confidential company data?
- How to technically organise the transfer of the office to telecommuting?

We offer a quick and effective ANTI-CRISIS solution - use Falcongaze SecureTower DLP-system

This way you can avoid employee inefficiency and protect yourself from financial losses associated with it and possible leaks. We do not limit features in the free version! You are making full use of the DLP system and its features in your company, not trying "what it could be" in the paid version.

You get:

- Tools for optimising work processes and analysing the productivity of remote workers;
You will see a complete picture of your employees’ workday and evaluate the efficiency of processes.
SecureTower has a set of standard policies and you don’t need to go through hours-long training courses to use the system. You will get the result on the day of installation of DLP.

- Control of sensitive data.
The system allows you to view and automatically analyze all information captured via the following channels: email protocols, HTTP(S), messengers, social networks, cloud storage, external devices, print, FTP(S), control of start and usage time of any application, computer work time and downtime, time spent on each site, etc.

- Quick deployment and help in setting up the system;
In contrast to other systems, SecureTower may be deployed at your site within 1 hour! You do not need to wait for the arrival of the specialists, to configure and test the system for weeks.
You can set up the DLP system yourself with a simple manual, or ask our technical support team for help. Upon your request, our specialists will help you to implement the system and provide training on working with SecureTower remotely.

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