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SecureTower – Updated Security Policy Center

25 July 2012

Falcongaze Company is proud to announce the update of SecureTower data protection system. In the new version changes have been introduced to the core instrument used by security officers – the security policy center.

The work of any DLP system is based on intercepting informational flows via different communication channels and saving the intercepted traffic into databases for subsequent analysis by pre-defined security policies of the company. But the interception of information is just a scintilla of functionality in modern information protection systems. Security officers need an instrument capable of making flexible security rules that build up the security policy of an organization.

SecureTower Security Center is the main instrument for information security specialists. SecureTower system features default ready-to-use security rules. But these are just basic templates serving as examples for creating more sophisticated rules to meet the needs of every specific company.

Parallel use of different data analysis mechanisms (statistics, attributes, digital fingerprints, linguistic tools, etc.) and a possibility to create multi-component complex security rules help significantly reduce the quantity of false positives.

Using SecureTower one can also create policies to analyze staff activity. The new security rules give a possibility to monitor applications run on endpoints that may pose a threat of unauthorized access to confidential data (e.g., customer databases or financial transactions of the company). To control the use of confidential information with restricted access, you can set up SecureTower to send automatic notifications if, for example, an employee runs certain applications on his computer at inappropriate time.

Besides, SecureTower provides functionality for controlling the duration of application use by employees or keeping track of late-comings and workday duration.

All these functions combined form an instrument which gives a clear notion of how the employees use their work time and how diligent they are when performing their duties.