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System operator of the Unified Energy System of Russia protects data with Falcongaze SecureTower

1 October 2014

Falcongaze Company reports on the deployment of the SecureTower software designed to control data leakage channels into seven branches of JSC System Operator of the Unified Energy System (JSC SO UES) of Russia.

Organizations representing the electricity sector tend to follow the requirements of the Federal Law No. 98-FZ of July 29, 2004, on Commercial Secrecy and take appropriate measures to safeguard the security of corporate information of trade secret status.

JSC SO UES is no exception and devotes considerable attention to data leak protection, as well as monitoring of compliance with organizational measures to ensure information security. Earlier as part of the company's security policy the SecureTower software was implemented into the executive office of JSC SO UES in Moscow. Now the product of Falcongaze Company is deployed in seven branches of the organization.

"When selecting a tool to protect corporate information we paid most attention to the functional components of software that would allow to control the maximum possible number of leakage channels, thereby ensuring complete protection of our corporate data. After testing a number of DLP systems we chose SecureTower by Falcongaze Company. The use of this software in the executive office during the year yielded tangible results. As a result, this year it was decided to introduce the SecureTower system into seven integrated dispatch offices of JSC SO UES," said Anna Vaskova, the specialist of Information Security Department in JSC SO UES.

"One of the features of our corporate information system is the territorial distribution. In view of this, we needed a tool with centralized management which could be used with the existing organization's security policy. The Falcongaze Company product as time and practice had shown us appeared to be the tool that fully satisfied us both from a functional point of view and in terms of ease of use," said Alexander Zalizny, a leading expert of Information Security Department in JSC SO UES.


System Operator of the Unified Energy System is a specialized organization solely carrying out centralized dispatching in the Unified Energy System of Russia. In the normal course of business System operator is addressing three main groups of tasks: management of production cycles of UES objects in real time, ensuring the effectiveness of the wholesale and retail electricity markets mechanisms, as well as providing long-term development of the UES of Russia.