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Softkey chooses SecureTower

17 July 2012

Softkey Company, the leader of software internet distribution in Russia chooses the information security system SecureTower. This solution utilizes a complex approach to the company’s information security and also allows objectively assessing the efficiency of the staff.

It is no secret, that the main cause of data leakage in many companies is careless or negligent treatment of data inside a company. SecureTower functionality permits real-time tracking of errors and drawbacks in employees’ work, thus preventing possible data leakage in advance.

SecureTower does not influence the computer performance, which ensures a more efficient use of the work time by the personnel.

SecureTower system features an extended toolkit for staff control. Combined with the functionality for data interception and analysis, it gives new possibilities for a systematic approach in controlling the company’s cyberspace and resisting internal threats, which helps get ahead of any possible problems.

«By giving preference to the SecureTower system, Softkey chooses a safe and comprehensive protection from various internal threats. Before taking this decision we have analyzed and tested the majority of DLP-systems available in the market. As a result of testing we chose SecureTower system, which has proved as a more functional and secure product, while being easy in both deployment and management» – said Yuriy Zlobin, Softkey Deputy Director General in charge of the company’s security issues, when commenting on the deployment of SecureTower system.

«The system of external and internal security in Softkey is one of the strongest among Russian IT companies. That’s why we really appreciate their choice of SecureTower. We hope that our collaboration with Softkey will be extended into a closer partnership», - said Alexander Akimov, Director General of Falcongaze.

About Softkey

Softkey is a recognized leader of online software sales in Russia. The core activity of Softkey international online supermarket is sales of electronic versions of software from leading developers. The catalog has an extensive list of products, including operating systems, antivirus software, utilities and games, etc. Softkey has own representative offices in the Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland and the Baltic States.