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SETL CITY development company protects data with Falcongaze SecureTower

30 October 2014

Falcongaze Company is delighted to announce the completion of the project to introduce SecureTower DLP system designed for data leakage protection, as well as monitoring of business processes, into the corporate network of SETL CITY Development Company (belongs to Setl Group).

While demand on real estate market in Russia is developing rapidly the requirements for companies operating in this area are also constantly increasing. Sustainable development of building organizations depends largely on the development and enforcement of corporate standards concerning confidential data protection, as well as labor discipline.

SETL CITY is one of the leading companies in the development market in the North West of Russia. In order to maintain its leadership position SETL CITY Company uses modern technologies that allow to optimize workflows and protect valuable information, personal data and trade secrets.

SETL CITY tested several products from leading Russian developers within the process of selection of the most effective software for data protection and employee monitoring. According to the company, the choice in favor of Falcongaze SecureTower was based on several criteria: ease of setup and use of the system, its high efficiency likewise the wide range of functional capabilities in the aspects of information security and employees’ network activity monitoring.

"The issue of information security is in priority for our company as SETL CITY activities involve the development of unique projects, personal data processing, use and storage of valuable documents and other confidential information that should not leave the corporate network. We decided to use SecureTower DLP system in a view of the fact that we apply a comprehensive approach to information protection," said Alexei Koschienko, the head of Information Security Department in Setl Group.

"Today business leaders in the construction industry are increasingly recognizing the necessity to use specialized information technologies for the integrated optimization of business processes and effective protection of information resources. Falcongaze Company software product was tested in SETL CITY along with other DLP systems and we appreciate that SecureTower successfully withstood this competitive confrontation," said Alexander Akimov, the CEO of Falcongaze Company.