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SecureTower 3.1 – deployment process universalization in any corporate network

19 September 2012

Falcongaze Company is pleased to announce the new version of SecureTower system designed for corporate data protection. In updated version the process of system installation in the networks with complex architecture was universalized as much as possible.

The renewal version of SecureTower system gives an opportunity to use the systems approach to the installation process of DLP-system in the enterprise network. For that matter the infrastructure changing costs are costs are minimized or eliminated completely.

Due to the changes in the system the deployment of agents on the computers is possible to put into practice by many ways. In addition during the installation the system uses the complete integration with Active Directory. Also the Falcongaze developers have realized the possibility of installation of the system by groups policies of domain and even on the computers are not in the domain zone.

With all this functionality the system gives the information which of mentioned issues was used for agent installation, also the system permits to study the statistical date about the information intercepted by agents. In this case the system indicates the sender of this information and the intercepted traffic protocol.

The renewal version of SecureTower contains the self-extracting distribution kit of agent, possessing the own interface and the possibility of manual agent installation on the users’ work stations. Such solution allows controlling the computers, are not in the domain zone or workgroup. Usually it concerns mobile workstations such as laptops, net books etc.

Also the developers added in SecureTower 3.1 the possibility of agent MSI-version installation by group policies (GPO). Such installation permits deploying DLP-system without any complications as fast as possible even in the local networks with branched domains structure. Also such type of agents’ deployment allows performing the preset and setup of agents on the workstations before the full deployment of SecureTower system.

SecureTower new version possesses completely new platform for agents. Besides, the system features an updated and deeply refined protocol for data transfer to server components, reduced network load and increased fail-safety of the system in whole. Also in new version of the system was realized the maintenance of work with OS Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server.