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SecureTower software to help in training NSUEM students

11 June 2015

Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management will use the SecureTower software product, designed for prevention of the valuable information leakage as well as the analysis of the working processes’ effectiveness, in the course of students’ training. The students of Information and Technology Faculty who are undergoing training in Information Security will study how to work with the development of Falcongaze Company. Axxtel, which is a Premium Business Partner of Falcongaze, signed the cooperation agreement with the educational institution.

Information and Technology Faculty at NSUEM organizes the training of students on several specializations, including Information Security. Future experts in this professional field should have numerous practice-oriented competences, among which the ability to install, configure and use data leak protection software is especially important. For this reason, the Faculty pays special attention to the practical aspects of students’ training.

As part of the policy of improving the quality of education at Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management, it was decided to include in the curriculum of discipline Specialized Information Systems Security the laboratory workshop, during which students will be able to study in detail the nuances of a multifunctional software solution SecureTower. According to Axxtel, educational institution required an efficient and easy-to-use tool that illustrates the implementation of the basic principles of information security in practice.

"Information and Technology Faculty at NSUEM is literally at the forefront of global change associated with the transition to an information society in which high technology is not anymore just a means of achieving goals but is the natural environment of human existence. We strive to ensure that our graduates are part of technical progress, which is impossible without a decent level of training provided by our university. We believe that the experience in work with SecureTower will help students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure in the future reliable protection of a business which does not ignore threats and seeks to eliminate them using high-tech tools," said Maxim Prokopov, Senior Lecturer of Information Security Department at NSUEM.

"Modern business requires a real practical knowledge, as clearly evidenced by the situation in the labor market: most employers need graduates whose specialization is directly related to information technology. The fact that SecureTower will help in the training of future professionals in the field of information security means a lot to us. The problem of protecting sensitive data is becoming increasingly important for the post-Soviet space, and soon the security of valuable information resources of various companies and, consequently, the economic growth and financial prosperity will depend on the professionalism of today's NSUEM students," said Anton Solovey, Head of Cooperation with universities in Falcongaze Company.