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SecureTower protects business data in South and East Asia regions

5 October 2018

Falcongaze SecureTower has expanded product portfolio of EHS Company. EHS is expected to be a fast growing company in South and East Asia regions. The company is offering its clients end-to-end IT Solutions not only in Datacenters, Cloud, IT Infrastructure & Hardware but also in software, licensing, security and any related areas. Now EHS is ready to offer a solution that helps track and fight corruption and fraud in business of the above regions.

"EHS has been awarded with Falcongaze Distribution for Pakistan and Malaysia and works actively on B2B & B2C models to offer this unique & award winning solution in these markets,” stated Gul Zaman Ilyas, CEO at EHS. “We are a quite young but ambitious team who apply our best practices to pursue the technology development. Providing our clients with leading solutions we believe that Data Leak Prevention (DLP) system SecureTower would be an excellent means of protection for our clients’ data from internal threats.”  

Why DLP?

Corruption is a challenge not only to the government. It harms many companies. To fight against corruption special techniques and means of its prevention, detection and subsequent investigation are required.

Data in modern company circulates in digital form. Therefore, the information flow contains everything that happens in organization including the evidences of corruption along with its indicators. That is why there is no way to overcome corruption without analysis of information flows by security service using DLP system.

Such software controls access to valuable assets and maintains an operation log, which allows to detect and check any suspicious actions. Moreover, DLP notifies security officer of suspicious facts according to the adjusted security rules. The software shows any communications between employees, tracks the transferred files as well as potential malicious arrangements. Only using DLP system it is possible to create a reliable perimeter of the company's protection and overcome corruption.  

 “It’s nice to be involved in the protection of companies’ sensitive data around the world. And we thank our partners for choosing SecureTower. Falcongaze has created a unique product that combines reliable protection of sensitive data and monitoring feature of everyday staff activity, creating a complete picture of working time. Our DLP solution SecureTower not only works with data leaks, but also closes a bulk of tasks on information and economic security,” stressed George Piankou, Head of Business Development Department at Falcongaze.  

From this moment, organizations from Pakistan and Malaysia, which are ready to protect their business data and detect internal threats by means of SecureTower, can contact to both our regional partners - Panzer IT and EHS Company.

Falcongaze Company was founded in 2007. Falcongaze operates as a developer and supplier of high-performance and premium-class solutions in the field of information security. The company’s flagship product SecureTower is a comprehensive solution intended to prevent information leakage and monitor personnel activities.