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SecureTower 2.4 introduces new massive data processing suite

16 March 2011

The recent release of SecureTower 2.4 DLP solution introduces multifunctional suite for data archives’ accumulation and a set of changes to application functionality and interface.

Companieswith multiple workstations and large amounts of daily traffic can leverage SecureTower functionality to organize comprehensive massive data processing. In addition to any DLP-solution’s integral ability to work with databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, Postgre SQL, SQLite), SecureTower can use digital fingerprint technology to track all information flows for sensitive documents or combinations of data contained in certain fields of the existing database tables (e.g. name, job title and e-mail address).

SecureTower 2.4 obtained a multifunction module to improve previously intercepted data processing and boost overall system performance.

New enhanced task scheduler enables SecureTower 2.4 users to tune data leakage channel’s monitoring frequency according to individual needs and perform defragmentation tasks of all data available. The new feature helps to dispose of outdated or nonexistent documents, increase control reliability and performance as well as cut down total system ownership cost.

Possibility to clear database on a periodic predetermined base was introduced for major enterprises that generate large amounts of traffic. If you are sure that two-month old data transfer information is of no importance to you, you can easily clear it, thus facilitating SecureTower processing and analyzing of intercepted data.

Changes were also introduced to SecureTower interface and functionality, making it even more user-friendly, increasing system reliability and running speed.