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SecureTower assures protection in Morocco

17 October 2018

Falcongaze Company came to agreement with its new partner OODI-INFO, the resident of Morocco. Thus, getting closer to its potential customers in Maghreb region of North Africa.  OODI-INFO works in the field of data protection and now gets a solution that strengthens the list of its security software – Data Leak Prevention (DLP) system Falcongaze SecureTower

Any organization wants to be successful and get rid of corruption, a malicious activity affecting many areas. And SecureTower can help that. Actual Morocco corruption index reaches 40. Although it’s higher than previous year, the figures across the period of studies from 1998 go around from 32 to 47. The phenomenon of corrupt behavior can take various forms such as receiving or offering bribes, influencing, blackmail, fraud, theft, embezzlement, forgery, nepotism, etc. It affects companies very much. Through special techniques and means of its prevention, detection and subsequent investigation the SecureTower’ users know everything that happens in organization including the facts of corruption.

SecureTower protects business from internal threats ensuring that no sensitive data will seep out. Its comprehensive set of features allows effectively monitor employees controlling work with sensitive data and archiving all sorts of business communication.

“We would like to assure that our DLP tool makes business processes more transparent. With SecureTower you get both a strong protective system which controls numerous data transmission channels and a tool which monitors any personnel activity. That helps struggle corruption and makes staff more responsible during the work”, stated George Piankou, Head of Business Development Department at Falcongaze.

Another important point to use DLP SecureTower is getting success by following market trends. Some time ago, Vodafone Company made a study on information security across eight countries among more than 1,400 companies of different sizes. The results revealed a strong connection between implementation of information security standards and business success. It found that 86% of rapidly growing companies consider information security not just as a means of protecting data, but also as a source of new business opportunities.

“Our mission is to grant data protection of any assets. Morocco is one of the leaders in cyber security across the region. With SecureTower we hope to increase our flame which shows the way to our neighbors.  Digital transformation brought us information security risks and we want our costumers be ready to struggle them”, pointed out Abdelouahed Ennibi, Director at OODI-INFO.

OODI-INFO is a consulting and IT services company. It was founded in 2011 and is recognized for its expertise in consulting and deployment of IT solutions. OODI-INFO costumers vary from privet companies to government facilities.

Falcongaze Company was founded in 2007. Falcongaze operates as a developer and supplier of high-performance and premium-class solutions in the field of information security. The company’s flagship product SecureTower is a comprehensive solution intended to prevent information leakage and monitor personnel activities.