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SecureTower 5.0: new approach to the corporate information security

16 October 2013

Falcongaze Company completed a new phase of data protection system SecureTower development. The innovations touched many product modules but the most significant changes relate to the introduction of the functional allowing not only to intercept and analyze traffic for compliance with established information security policies, but also block the confidential data transmission. In addition, the module whereby the system recognizes text information in images was integrated into SecureTower.

Now in the case of transmission of messages and attachments containing confidential information via SMTP and SMTPS protocols documents are blocked and quarantined. Similarly, when users attempt to send unauthorized e-mail messages via web interfaces (using HTTP or HTTPS protocols), their actions will also be rejected. With the same success SecureTower can block messages sent through social networks, forums, forms of SMS sending, as well as any web requests. The unsolicited messages blocking is carried out in accordance with the set of security policies: content, attributive, etc.

In the development of the functional for information blocking the Falcongaze Company specialists paid special attention to the fact that not every attempt of confidential data transmission is unauthorized. Therefore, to avoid business processes in a company slowing down at the moment of data blocking an employee of the Information Security Department is notified of a possible information leak that allows you to immediately proceed to the incident investigation. If the information security of a company is not in danger an officer may authorize further message sending to the original recipient. Thus sender address remains unchanged. In the opposite case a responsible officer may conduct a full-scale investigation into the incident, analyzing violator actions of prior periods by searching through business communications archive and take appropriate steps.

"The logic of the functional to block information in the SecureTower system is extremely sensitive, allowing you to customize the tool in accordance with the specifics of a particular enterprise. New options for blocking of the data sent in violation of security policies expand opportunities for our company to work with organizations that impose strict requirements for information protection" - said Alexander Akimov, Falcongaze Company CEO.

In addition to the functional for the confidential data blocking, the high-tech module that allows recognizing text in images was implemented into the SecureTower system. This functional will be in demand in the companies where the transmission of scanned confidential documents is widely used. The new SecureTower system tool works equally well with any format of graphic information, whether it is the JPG, BMP, TIFF format or any other. The module recognizes data not only in Russian but also in foreign languages, which allows to carry out content analysis with all the features of morphology.