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Rose Group development company protects information using Falcongaze SecureTower

29 December 2014

Falcongaze Company expands cooperation with Rose Group, the partnership which has been supported over the last several years.

Rose Group conducts investment and construction activity and implements projects of high quality residential, office and retail real estate in Moscow and Moscow region. The authoritative British publishing house Phaidon Press submitted implemented by Rose Group residential real estate projects to the list of the most outstanding architectural structures over the past decade.

Rose Group staff due to the specifics of the company, which is engaged in the design, construction and sale of real estate, works with large amounts of diverse information: project documentation, analytical materials and reports, various financial records, documents and databases containing personal information of clients. In this regard, the company attaches great importance to the high level of information security and already using the SecureTower DLP system for a long time, is continuously expanding control over the channels of business communication.

"For us it is important to respond promptly to incidents of leakage and misuse of confidential information, that is why Security Center in SecureTower, the possibility to form rules and filters there is the functionality we use every day. Given that basically we need to control the information represented in the form of text and spreadsheet documents, control using digital fingerprints of files have repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness. In addition, the use of SecureTower allows us to respond promptly to incidents, eliminating negative consequences, and even prevent them, whereby company information is secure," said Pavel Rudakov, the Chief Information Security Officer in Rose Group.

"Rose Group Company is one of those clients who are directly involved in the development of the product used. Not once the specialists of Rose Group contributed ideas that were subsequently implemented by developers of our company and proved a valuable contribution to the improvement of the SecureTower functional. We are pleased to work with Rose Group, and we sincerely look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation," said Alexander Akimov, the CEO of Falcongaze Company.