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SecureTower 2.5 – password-protected documents and archives are under control

30 March 2011

The new version 2.5 of SecureTower complex DLP system provides additional features to control password-protected documents and archives, as well as the original file format content-based recognition.

Obviously, if a user sends a password-protected document or archive using corporate e-mail, security department should pay special attention to the incident.

SecureTower is not only able to track the password-protected file or archive transfer but can also send an immediate alert e-mail to inform the security officer about it. For user convenience such files are marked in a particular way to distinguish them from all intercepted data in the program interface. Moreover, the program allows the possibility to check the contents of password-protected archives.

The current version of SecureTower identifies Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF and other formats of password-protected documents. Users are enabled to track the document and define its format.

SecureTower new release introduces the enhanced file format identification algorithm. In addition to file extension search, the program defines file data type irrespectively of user-defined extension. It helps to determine correctly the file format and control transferred files’ contents, even in case of deliberate file type modification.