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One of the largest banks in Transnistria uses Falcongaze SecureTower to protect the business from internal threats

15 October 2014

Ipotechny which is one of the largest banks in Transnistria has completed the project to introduce into the corporate network the SecureTower DLP system developed by Falcongaze Company to ensure protection from leaks of personal data and other confidential information, as well as the monitoring of staff performance.

Strategic direction of the Ipotechny bank involves the service of small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals. The bank offers more than 100 kinds of specialized services, processing daily large amounts of personal data and other important information. Safety of these data, as well as their correct use, allows the financial institution to minimize risks and prevent threats.

Ipotechny seeks to use the latest technology to improve business processes and service level. The decision to purchase the SecureTower software was made in the bank after testing in the corporate network when the system proved its effectiveness.

"In our bank the system of personal management is organized. It means that a client receives high-quality service by a specialist whom he trusts confidential data. It is clear that the trust is justified only if every employee demonstrates a conscientious attitude to work while the system of protection of bank information resources functions without errors. Ipotechny closely monitors business processes at all levels, which allows to qualified evaluate the work of staff, assess risks and make strategically right decisions. That is why we chose the SecureTower software, which helps to solve several important tasks at the same time: not only to maintain a high level of labor discipline, but also to ensure the safety of valuable information," said Yuri Logvinenko, the head of Information Technology.

"Falcongaze Company has extensive experience working with organizations in the banking sector. Introduction of software into the local network of a bank is always a very important project, because financial institutions tend to attach great importance to information security issues and place high demands on the technology used. The customer was looking for a multi-tool, adaptable, convenient and reliable to use. The choice that the Ipotechny bank made in favor of SecureTower indicates that our product is moving in the right direction," said Alexander Zaitsev, the commercial director of Falcongaze Company.

About CJSCB Ipotechny

CJSCB Ipotechny performing all of the major types of banking operations started in 1994. Today the bank has five branches in major cities of Transnistria. According to experts, the Ipotechny bank occupies leading position in the region among financial institutions both in the quality of its services, and the degree of reliability. For the first time in Transnistria the audit of financial statements of Ipotechny was held by the international audit company Ernst & Young, a member of the Big Four the most reputable audit companies in the world.