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One more Belarusian organization protects its data with Falcongaze SecureTower

13 September 2012

Falcongaze Company keeps adding up to the list of successful employments of SecureTower system, ensuring information and economic security on enterprises. This time the solution of Falcongaze Company was implemented in the network of Belarusian company ISOBUD, which engineers and produces metalware and sandwich panels.

The deployment of SecureTower system in the local network of ISOBUD Company was supervised by Falcongaze exclusive partner in Belarus JLLC DPA which has already implemented SecureTower in a range of Belarusian companies of different levels.

Before choosing a security solution the specialists of ISOBUD security center conducted extensive testing of DLP systems offered by different vendors. As a result ISOBUD Company chose the SecureTower system which has proved itself as a more reliable product complying with all requirements of the company.

“We have run tests of several data protection systems, and we concluded that SecureTower was the best one as it managed to meet our demands. This product stood way above other solutions in terms of fail-safety and stability. Besides that one great advantage of SecureTower system is a possibility of prompt deployment and user friendliness. And the total long-term investment in SecureTower is quite low as compared with others DLP solutions” – says Vasiliy Pratskevich, the head of security service of ISOBUD Group of companies.

About Falcongaze

Falcongaze was founded in 2007 and is now the vendor of premium-class high-performance solutions in the sphere of information security. The company offers complex solutions for control over sensitive data leakage and undesired distribution, tailored to monitor employees’ network activities.


ISOBUD Company was founded in 1998 and now specializes in production of building materials for pre-engineered metal buildings – metalware, sandwich-panels with different variants of heat insulating materials. As of today the group of companies ISOBUD is one of key producer on the Belarusian and Russian pre-engineered metal buildings market of different functional purpose and complexity factor.