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OCS to promote Falcongaze SecureTower

6 July 2011

SecureTower is a comprehensive software solution to protect against leakage of personal data and any sensitive information circulating in the network and contained in databases and documents. The solution is designed to control leaks over all kinds of data transmission channels: email, web-traffic, popular instant messengers (Skype included), files transferred via FTP, HTTP and HTTPs, SSL traffic transmitted over encrypted protocols, data transferred to external devices, printouts on local and network printers.

SecureTower has extensive functionality for staff activity analysis. In conjunction with traditional DLP functions, this gives more opportunities for a systematic approach to data control and internal threat resistance, and, which is most important, for taking preventive measures.

One of the remarkable distinguishing features of SecureTower is its short implementation period, which eliminates the downtime of a customer's network. System installation does not require purchasing additional hardware, software or expensive changes to network infrastructure. The installation and setup of SecureTower is centralized and does not require the customer to interrupt any business processes. In fact, SecureTower deployment and running is similar to installing any standard boxed product.

Previously, such systems were mainly used by large enterprises with complex network structure, but today we witness a steady demand for DLP from small and medium-sized businesses – a significant part of OCS partners’ customers seeking to implement a simple and affordable tool for data protection. OCS company with its vast experience in the distribution of design solutions can offer promotion of a developer’s product through a wide network of partners targeting the SMB sector. Well-trained professionals, a broad regional infrastructure of warehouses and offices, a wide network of partners and a strong demand for the product – these are the keys to successful distribution of SecureTower.

"Our choice of OCS as a partner for SecureTower promotion was based not only on the company’s experience accumulated during years in the distribution market, but also on its impeccable reputation among vendors. In turn, we offer a solution which is unique in many ways and meets modern requirements in the field of information security – says Sergey Popov, Business Development Director of Falcongaze, – We are confident that our partnership will be mutually beneficial and will help maximize the development of Russian regional market with regard to the interests of not only large corporate customers, but also of small-to-medium businesses".

About OCS

The company was founded in 1994. Its scope of activity includes distribution of computer equipment, telecommunications, peripherals, network equipment, components, data storage systems, software (including infrastructure solutions), and consumables. OCS has the largest regional network of warehouses and offices in 24 cities in Russia. OCS partners with about 8100 IT companies. The product portfolio includes more than 100 product lines from the world’s leading vendors.

OCS is part of the National Computer Corporation (NCC), the largest multi-industry holding company in the Russian IT market (the Forbes rating, “Expert”, “Finans.”, “Kommersant-Money” magazines, etc.)