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SecureTower – new possibilities for data control

18 August 2011

The new version of SecureTower – a sophisticated data leakage control system – implements an additional tool to audit data containing inaccuracies and typing errors, which is very important when monitoring instant messengers or documents recognized by OCR systems. Besides, the Security Center, which is used for defining security policies in the network and instant notifications about possible threats, has been substantially improved.

Enhanced control over information circulating inside the corporate network and going beyond it is very important in ensuring information security for any company. The new fuzzy search function in SecureTower provides additional capabilities for a more thorough and efficient control of sensitive data when monitoring the traffic flows.

Fuzzy search allows checking information for compliance with security policies properly, even if it contains typos and grammatical mistakes. This is very important in controlling IM messages or posts on blogs and social networks. As a rule, when data is sent over these channels, the sender does not re-read the message before posting.

Also, fuzzy search can help identify violations of security policies in documents converted into electronic format from paper copies. When such documents are processed in optical character recognition applications, typos and odd characters are inevitable. This is a topical issue, since many companies are converting their archives of important documents into digital format. In case such document is transmitted over the network, SecureTower will now be able to correctly check its contents for confidential information and notify a security officer in the case of any security violations.

The new fuzzy search feature makes SecureTower even more efficient in resisting internal security threats faced by modern businesses.

The updated Security Center is a critical component of SecureTower, which allows configuring the entire system in accordance with any internal information security policies by creating specific security rules. The new version features some major changes introduced to the system algorithm, that accelerate system response to potential threats and make it more reliable. This directly affects the performance of the entire security service and its ability to timely respond to incidents, often preventing them at initial stage.