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Brand New Instruments to Control Personnel Featured in SecureTower 2.0

7 December 2010

Falcongaze has announced the release of a new version of its turn-key data leak protection system - SecureTower. This solution helps control any actions of employees prevents any confidential information from escaping via the Internet.

The key point of SecureTower 2.0 has become a feature of in-depth statistic reports on network activities of employees and their visualization due to newly added graphs and schemes. Given this, you can see not only usage of corporate resources by employees, but also how well they perform. In that, SecureTower provides you with exhaustive information about the network computer and the user involved in sending confidential data.

Apart from the detailed picture of a working day of every employee for the selected time interval, the new version of SecureTower boasts a new personnel relations graph. It allows you to define groups of employees who communicate both with each other and with contacts beyond the company network. Along with most active network communicants detected, you now have a possibility to control interaction of employees with competitors to further evaluate loyalty of your personnel.

Flexible and customizable statistic reports on any security breach incidents make it possible to get notified only of the events posing a real threat and to minimize percentage of false alarms. This is what makes SecureTower 2.0 a powerful instrument to boost the efficiency of a data security department.

As a corporate solution, the product can be easily scaled and performs error-free in networks at high peak loads.