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New Digital Fingerprint technology for data control in new SecureTower 2.1

14 January 2011

The new version of data leak protection software, SecureTower 2.1, suggests the feature of tracking and controlling data using their digital fingerprints.

This enables SecureTower to correctly identify confidential documents within the data flows going beyond the information premises of a company. The system compares them with preset templates. To ensure this, data security specialists create a modifiable array of confidential documents to be controlled by the system. Upon traffic analysis, all the documents will be scanned and compared to this array. If there are any matches with any document or even some abstract in the array, SecureTower will send an instant notification on this to the specific e-mail address. The percentage of matching may vary depending on existing data security policies.

A unique feature implemented in SecureTower 2.1 is a possibility to apply digital fingerprints to not only specific documents or even the entire array of documents, but also the contents of databases. Many companies keep personal information of their employees or customer contact and personal data in databases which is a valuable piece of information. Besides, according to data protection acts recently enforced and applicable in different countries of the world, such data should be under continuous control of the data security department of any company.

Using the features of the program, one can now track specific data from databases in information flows (for example, a combination of name, title, and e-mail address). In that, the notification system will trigger only upon this combination while ignoring cases when just the name is present, and this helps minimize the number of false positives.

Also, the list of supported databases has been extended in SecureTower 2.1 to meet the demands of maximum possible users. Apart from MS SQL Server, SQLite and Postgre SQL,it now supports Oracle, which will be of particular interest to large corporate customers.

Furthermore, SecureTower 2.1 is optimized to process big and dynamically updated volumes of data. When database is updated, only the newly intercepted information is indexed without any extra time and resource costs required for indexing all the data. This is specifically applicable for large companies that maintain, for example, huge customer or contact databases.

In the context of all the innovations, the control of company information space has become even more convenient. The digital fingerprint technology for data analysis together with traditional linguistic, attributive and statistic methods do not only increase the efficiency of data leak control, but also allow one to safekeep personal data in accordance with international and local data protection acts.