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SecureTower – still more opportunities for employee supervision

28 February 2012

The new version of SecureTower system, created for confidential data leak protection, features extended functionality to control process and application activity on endpoints.

One of the main advantages of SecureTower as compared with the traditional functionality of DLP systems is complex approach to the economical security of a company. The rich functionality for data leak protection is accompanied with a whole bunch of tools for in-depth control of employees’ activity on their workplaces.

The new version of SecureTower provides a complete picture of each employee’s workday using the module of endpoint activity analysis, which displays the periods of computer’s activity and idle time since boot-up till shutdown in a vivid graphical form.

In addition, the system collects detailed statistics of all executed applications, and builds a chart to represent the percentage of application use by the employee. The statistics represent the exact time of the user’s work with each application. For example if an employee spends 90% of his working time in messengers, multimedia players and browsers – it is reasonable to double-check, whether this has grown a habit with him, and whether he can actually cope with his duties.

Detailed statistics are available to allow looking through the list of all events during the workday in chronological order with a possibility of filtering the list by time period and type of activity, namely, beginning of computer’s activity or idle time, start/end of processes, activation/deactivation of application windows, connection via a remote session, etc.

Besides, SecureTower can make desktop screenshots on all workstations in the network and keep track of both internal communications between the staff and their contacts with outside destinations. SecureTower system generates detailed reports on every employee’s network activities. Moreover, the reporting system is interactive, which allows monitoring the development of events in the information field of a company in real time.

Those possibilities are innovative for DLP solutions. That expands the field of SecureTower usage, including control over the way corporate resources are used, estimation of personnel’s efficiency and loyalty, and of the corporate climate. Apart from that, SecureTower is effective in the data leak prevention and provides supplementary possibilities both for the investigation of any previous security breaches, and for the localization and prevention of the potential ones.