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SecureTower – Mail.Ru Agent Control

13 September 2011

The new version of SecureTower, a software solution designed to protect against confidential data leakage, features a revised list of potential leakage paths under control – the system can now monitor Mail.Ru Agent traffic.

Expansion in the number of controlled leakage channels, together with an ongoing improvement of data interception and analysis methods, are among the priorities in the development of SecureTower DLP system.

Monitoring all data transmitted via MMP (the communications protocol used in Mail.Ru Agent and many other IMs), allows analyzing the contents of all messages and files transferred between users, even in case they were sent over an encrypted channel.

In addition to tracking Mail.Ru Agent traffic, SecureTower system allows monitoring the correspondence in instant messengers that use both non-encrypted and encrypted protocols: OSCAR (such as AIM/ICQ, etc.), XMPP/Jabber (Miranda, Google Talk, PSI, QIP Infium), MSNP (Windows Live Messenger), as well as text and voice messages in Skype and many others.

Increasing the number of protocols controlled minimizes the threat of transferring sensitive data outside the company, and thus allows avoiding the implementation of a prohibition policy for communication channels, which may hinder a company’s workflow.

On the other hand, excessive communication in instant messengers often indicates that corporate resources are used inefficiently and that the staff tends to neglect their direct responsibilities. The possibility to analyze the traffic of all IMs, especially Mail.Ru Agent which is very popular in Russia, provides a full control over employees’ work time and its efficient use.