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LETA Company introduced Falcongaze SecureTower system into the network of the General Radio Frequency Centre

8 August 2013

LETA Company which is the market leader of information security in Russia and the Falcongaze Company Premium Business Partner completed the implementation of SecureTower system designed to protect data from leaking into the corporate network of FSUE General Radio Frequency Centre.

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise General Radio Frequency Center (FSUE GRFC) is a part of the unified system of radio frequency service. This department provides a range of services to ensure the efficient use of the RF spectrum. In particular, the GRFC deals with the examination of the possibility of using appropriate electronic facilities, as well as their electromagnetic compatibility with other tools.

As part of their activities the employees of FSUE GRFC process confidential data that need robust security, provision of which is one of the priority tasks of the company.

After examining and testing together with the LETA experts a few DLP solutions on the Russian market the FSUE GRFC specialists opted for the Falcongaze SecureTower system which is a multifunctional product that had showed the best results during testing. The system can be easily integrated into the corporate network and allows to solve a set of tasks related to economic security, the protection of confidential data in FSUE GRFC and the optimization of business processes within the enterprise.

"Today many organizations including government agencies face the need to ensure information security. In modern organizations the problem of information flows control in the network becomes increasingly topical, – says Oleg Osipov, the head of the security department of the Office of the protection of state secret in FSUE GRFC. – The confidential information of enterprises, and especially of such an organization as ours, is of considerable interest to attackers. Therefore, the introduction of the system for protection against data leakage is a necessity for us. We entrusted the deployment of the system the LETA Company which implemented the project in line with our expectations. "

"The system of information flows control is a critical element to the robust information security of an organization which minimizes potential risks associated with corporate data leakage, – said Alexander Malyavkin, CEO of LETA. – The success of the project to protect sensitive information largely depends on the level of trust and mutual understanding between customer and supplier. The qualifications of the General Radio Frequency Center staff and their active participation allowed to carry out the project in the shortest time and with a high level of quality. "