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Krylov State Research Centre uses Falcongaze SecureTower for data leak protection

6 February 2015

Falcongaze Company announces the beginning of the project for the implementation of the SecureTower software, designed to protect a company from leaks of confidential and commercially valuable information as well as the analysis of employees’ performance in the corporate network of Krylov State Research Centre.

Krylov State Research Centre, founded in 1894, is today one of the world's largest research institutions involved in shipbuilding. The core competencies of Krylov State Research Centre include: basic research in the field of marine and river engineering, research in the field of hydrodynamics and underwater acoustics, design of vessels, search of solutions for the creation of platforms for offshore oil production as well as the development and assessment of projects of any complexity.

Being one of the main participants in the development of strategy for the Russian shipbuilding industry, the successful operation of which directly affects the political and economic stability of the state, Krylov State Research Centre places high demands on the information security means. Given the importance of problems solved by the employees of the scientific center, the company needed the most effective tool to ensure the protection of confidential information.

"Development strategy of Krylov State Research Centre involves not only a standard practice of creating developments for specific projects, but also achieving a high scientific, technical and technological level of research. Due to the variety of tasks that the enterprise is currently facing the pressure on management and staff is increasing, as well as the amount of information processed and stored and the number of developments, which in no case should be prematurely released. So we sought to find a versatile tool, enabling centralized control over all information resources within the local network. That is why we opted for the SecureTower software, which allows to solve several tasks at once: to ensure secure storage of valuable information and quickly identify threats, thus increasing the overall productivity of the scientific center," said Alexander Kulikov, Deputy General Director of Information Technology in Krylov State Research Centre.

"Cooperation with such a large institution as Krylov State Research Centre is an important event for the development and improvement of our product. Protection of innovative intellectual projects is a very responsible and undoubtedly important task. We got an opportunity to test SecureTower under conditions of high complexity, when it comes to protecting the information that is important not only for a particular organization but also for a country as a whole," said Alexander Akimov, the CEO of Falcongaze Company.