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JSC Galurgiya successfully cooperates with Falcongaze and InfoKub companies

17 April 2015

Ural Scientific Research and Design Institute of Halurgy (JSC Galurgiya) summarizes the first year of cooperation with Falcongaze and InfoKub companies. Previously the InfoKub Company, which is a premium business partner of Falcongaze Company, implemented a project for the deployment of the SecureTower software, designed for information leakage protection, as well as control of work processes, into the corporate network of JSC Galurgiya.

"On the basis of quite a long work with the SecureTower DLP system, the development of Falcongaze Company, we are pleased to share with you good news on high results which have more than answered our expectations. We use the full functionality of SecureTower, but special attention should be focused on the tools of Security Center. Automatic notifications that security professionals receive almost instantly inform about incidents and greatly simplify the work of considerable part of employees. The fact that everything in the system is automated as much as possible allows to avoid time consuming, gives an opportunity to quickly create new security rules and make other settings, monitor workflows, generate reports on user work and investigate incidents, as they say, in hot pursuit. You can’t mention everything, but I have to say about the advanced search with a lot of filters and conditions by which you can get detailed information about data transmission via a particular channel in a specific period of time," said Oleg Vershinin, chief information security officer in JSC Galurgiya.

"Ever since we started cooperation with Infokub and Falcongaze companies, the work of a number of departments in the organization has been significantly optimized. A positive result from the introduction of SecureTower into our network was evident almost immediately, but now, after the lapse of considerable time, I can say that valuable information is secure. I would also like to note the high level of technical support provided by both the vendor, Falcongaze Company, and technical specialists of InfoKub Company. Prompt addressing of issues, comprehension and lightning response to all our requests – only with words of gratitude I can comment on work with these companies," said Dmitry Shkuratski, the CEO of JSC Galurgiya.