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Interregional Industrial and Construction Bank protects information with Falcongaze SecureTower

6 May 2015

Stock Commercial Bank Interregional Industrial and Construction Bank has completed the project to introduce into the corporate network the SecureTower system, designed to protect a company from leaks of confidential data, as well as tо monitor employees’ activities in the workplace.

Today Interregional Industrial and Construction Bank primarily focuses on serving corporate clients. Over the 25-year work period the client base of the Bank has been replenished with a large number of manufacturing and agricultural enterprises while the funding is based on individual deposits. That is why the Bank needed an effective tool to ensure the reliable storage and appropriate use of customers’ personal data and other valuable information.

The final decision to introduce the Falcongaze SecureTower software was made in Interregional Industrial and Construction Bank after a long testing period during which the employees of Information Security Department sought to evaluate the efficiency of several products from leading Russian developers.

"Information security is an important part of a company's successful development. However, while for some companies data protection is more desirable than necessary condition of business success, for banking organizations it is an essential measure. The prevention of threat is our main objective, because in case of data leakage we will have serious economic losses and damaged reputation, which can not be repaired. That is why we aspire to sustainable development, taking certain measures aimed at managing the economic, reputational and operational risks. The SecureTower software product allows not only to prevent undesirable incidents, but also to assess possible threats, which helps to verify the efficiency of methods and tools used in our bank for data protection and work processes monitoring," said Oleg Syrov, the head of Information Security Department in Interregional Industrial and Construction Bank.

"Our clients include many banks, whose management are aware that economic security is an integral part of information security. Interregional Industrial and Construction Bank had very strict selection criteria, that is why several DLP systems had been tested for an extended period. The customer needed a product that can be easily integrated into the corporate network, is easy to set up and use, allows to control all possible communication channels, as well as to optimize business processes at all levels. It is very important for us that SecureTower met customer’s requirements to the full extent. This fact is a direct evidence that we have chosen the right business strategy," said Alexander Zaitsev, the commercial director in Falcongaze Company.