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SecureTower 2.8 – full control over mobile workplaces

2 August 2011

Falcongaze Company announces the release of SecureTower 2.8 – a comprehensive system for protection against confidential data leaks. The new version implements a feature for continuous monitoring of mobile workstations (laptops, netbooks) even after they are disconnected from a corporate LAN.

Control of mobile workplaces is becoming more urgent in today's business. Laptops that often contain valuable data leave corporate environment frequently. In the absence of proper control over the content of such laptops, they constitute a threat to information security of the company. Falcongaze releases a new version of SecureTower, which provides a reliable protection to companies that use mobile devices in their networks.

In addition to consistent monitoring of all information flows within a company, SecureTower provides a full control of mobile workstations and portable computers taken outside. In the absence of connection to a trusted corporate network, the system will store all transmitted data into a standby storage. When the connection is re-established, all data from such storage will be transferred to the server for subsequent indexing and analysis.

The new feature also allows avoiding loss of traffic in case of local network outages or intentional disconnection. Even if any computer loses connection to the network, all sent and received information will not be lost and will be checked for compliance with existing information security policies at next connection.

All data intercepted during the entire period of network downtime will not be lost and will be fully transferred to the database in background mode invisibly to the user and without affecting the performance of the entire network. Thus, all conversations in instant messengers, electronic mails, file transfers, and even screenshots of mobile devices will be under control of the company's security office even for the period of temporary absence of the device.

The new feature is ideal for companies whose employees are often on the road for negotiations or presentations. For these companies, control of mobile workplaces will allow tracking the data flows on the laptops of such employees, who often use sensitive and valuable information that needs special protection.