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Falcongaze attracts more customers in Belarus

3 April 2012

Falcongaze is proud to announce expansion of presence on the Belarusian market and successful deployment of SecureTower information security system in the Belarusian office of the international 3PL operator STA Logistic.

Falcongaze Company started the promotion of SecureTower system on the Belarusian market in 2011 concluding a partnership agreement with JLLC DPA – a systems integrator which has already deployed the solution in a number of companies of different levels. One of the latest projects was the integration of the product into the corporate network of STA Logistic Company. Such integration served for solution of a whole complex of information security issues. Before deploying SecureTower, STA Logistic compared a few software products from different competing vendors and after careful testing chose Falcongaze solution.

We have carried out rigorous tests of different similar systems and we finally decided in favor of SecureTower. In no time the specialists of Falcongaze were able to fully deploy a system, which stands out among other solutions in terms of ease of setup and use. I would also like to note, that it was during the trial period that SecureTower started to return its investments, making up for a half of its cost. Besides, SecureTower prevented a range of potential dangerous incidents. Among these, I can point out irresponsible use of confidential data, inappropriate use of work time, violation of internal corporate regulations, etc. Once the system even helped identify an infected computer where a malware was spam-mailing heavily” – says Sergey Kapustin, Business Development Director of STA Logistic.

We started promoting SecureTower in Belarus in 2011 and within less than a year we made it a famous brand. Our partner JLLC DPA has carried out much work and realized a range of successful projects. They have formed a considerable pool of customers ready to switch from pilot projects started in 2011 to full-fledged deployments. In Belarus we observe a keen interest in SecureTower from companies of banking industry, large production and trade enterprises. If we are speaking about other promising market sectors, it should be noted that STA Logistic became the third freight company in Belarus which has deployed SecureTower over the past six months. Judging by the client feedback, crucial points in choosing our product are high quality, full compliance with declared functionality, comprehensive approach to the implementation of the system’s features, which are unique for DLP systems, the simplicity of SecureTower deployment and efficient technical support” – says Alexander Akimov, Director General of Falcongaze.